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  • My heart… photographing your family is to document this time of life. I want to capture truth. Realness. Authenticity. You can color coordinate your family, argue in the car on the way over, and stress about the perfect smile with any photographer. Or you can just BE… who you are, with the ones that matter most, in the everyday places where you hang out. It could be making a traditional Saturday breakfast of pancakes with chocolate chips & whipped cream or turning over rocks in search of bugs at your favorite nature park. I want to come along and journal your story . Those are the memories you will want to revisit one day...when you are 60 years old curled up with the dog on your couch...waiting {im}patiently for grandchildren to come into your world.

I worked on a really exciting project this time last year, and I can finally share it!

I was asked to be the photographer for a knitting book ~ which is now published!  I know, you’re thinking “knitting” ~ how is that exciting?  Well, it is because the designs are modern and GORGEOUS!  The artist is Pam Powers and she truly is incredible in her craft.  She has an artistic flair in her designs that flow well with current trends {think Anthropologie}.  I was very impressed with the stylistic quality;  it made me want to knit!  Ok, actually….I bought the book for my mom and asked her to make me one my favorite designs:)

The make-up artists & hair stylists created perfection for this reverie.  Lovely work by Theresa Huang.  Pam herself styled the models head-to-toe.  I was privileged to take Pam’s vision and put it to print.  I loved creating the backdrops for this;  such creativity flowed from everyone.  It truly was an inspired day.  Just beautiful.

If you are seasoned in the craft of knitting or are new to it, you will love her book.  It also makes a great gift {especially if you want someone to make it for you!}

Go take a look on  Amazon.

Also, on Pam’s Blog you can get her latest designs!

Thanks Pam for the opportunity!

You can view the behind the scenes HERE.

Pam Powers 3.14-5

 Pam Powers 3.14-35Pam Powers 3.14-75Pam Powers 3.14-109Pam Powers2-74Pam Powers2-71Pam Powers2-27Pam Powers2-48Pam Powers2-60Pam Powers2-94Pam Powers2-99Pam Powers2-144

  • Priscilla Headrick - February 12, 2015 - 8:57 am

    Misty, you never disappoint me ever. This project is beautiful. In the way the models wore the designs, I would ask someone to make one for me.
    The photography is wonderful. Congratulations on a great project.
    Love, Priscilla

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Christmas is over.


It came as fast as it went.

I was blessed with access to a wonderful Christmas Tree Farm at Richfield Pines.  I cannot say enough nice things about this place and their staff.  It was if I stepped into a past era of  warmth and hospitality.  An era where life was simple;  uncomplicated.  People were laid back and not worried about perfection.  I felt a comfort of shooting there I usually don’t have, and I attribute that to the staff.

Richfield Pines is a wonderfully complete experience for the family.  It’s  a natural property to wander through with imperfect rows of trees.  Needles and pinecones scattered on the trails;  squirrels and rabbits and lizards rustling under foliage.  The smell only a forest can bring.  It’s where you chop down your tree of choice and have to hose it off before taking it into your home.  It’s a place that should be every family’s tradition.

 And it will be here again in 11 months.

Check them out at:  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Matz 11.14-19Casillas 10.14-8

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 I’ve been afraid to take a leap to where I know I need to be.  I’m not afraid of failing, because without failure there can be no success story.  However, I have been dragging my feet. Procrastinating.  Hiding out.  I cannot keep up with our society and how fast paced it has become.  I cannot persist with this beast called social media.  I cannot be a real friend unless I have time to listen and process.  I cannot have time for my Jesus, my husband & family when I’ve given it everywhere else just trying to maintain.  I have tried and not only has it been exhaustive, I end up falling short in every area and feeling defeated.  I’ve played with the idea of just quitting, but then I would be sad not doing what I love.  And what I truly love, what fills my cup, is blessing others through this amazing craft.

So I’m changing what “success” means for me this year.   I’m going to take things slow and enjoy each process.   I am going to rebuild my blog site and branding;  simplify.   I’m going to shoot what I love;  what I believe will truly matter in 10, 20, 30 years.  I’m going to ask my client base to trust me on this.  I’m going to hope that you will see that there is perfection in the flaws of a messy life.   I’m going to push through any fear of not being understood and make my work mine.

I want my light to shine this year in all facets of my life.

Thank you for listening.

GallaRini 10.14-14a

  • Melissa - January 16, 2015 - 10:56 pm

    I love you. I love your gift of capturing the beauty in the ordinary. You are and will always be my favorite photographer. You were amazing before and I am so so excited to see what God does with your gifts now. :) xoxo

  • Michelle - January 17, 2015 - 10:42 am

    lovely….and exciting! Be Big God…you have a willing vessel.

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