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Do you know what the secret is behind a real life session?  It’s hardly a photo session at all!  Truly it’s not. Dads can’t believe how easy it is because they do not have to perform.  Kids are happy because they can do what is everyday and familiar.  Thus, YOU are not stressed with the perfection of it all. YOU get to be part of memory making with your people, which is something you cannot achieve behind your phone lens.  Trust me, I’ve tried many times myself.

Life grows and changes before our eyes.  What once was a routine is no more.  The early morning trail walks scouting for jumping frogs in the riverbed. The waking-me-up-too-early-crawling-into-my bed mornings.  Afternoons of spontaneous blanket forts and hide and seek in the family room.  Read me one more story mom and tuck-tuck-tuck me in.

Then it happens:  the last time your baby girl needs you to pick her up because she now drives herself.  So many “lasts” that you didn’t realize were coming.  THERE WAS NO WARNING, IT WAS JUST OVER.  It’s bittersweet,  You are happy for the new adventures that change brings, but you want “one more last time” again.  I know I do.  I really really do some days.  Sigh.

Yes, professional photography is a luxury gift.  It’s also a priceless one you will be thankful for 20 years from now.  I am seriously passionate about making that happen for YOU.

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