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if I lived in New York, but… | commercial shoot

If I lived in New York, I would have to rent a loft studio.  Literally, HAVE TO.  I have dreamt of it.  Oh, many times.View full post »


I worked on a really exciting project this time last year, and I can finally share it! I was asked to be theView full post »

senior {tyler}

Tyler. Entrepreneur.  Tender Hearted.  Loyal. Always that guy you can depend on.  View full post »

senior {kayla}

Just found this is my drafts that were NEVER published.  I was shocked of my error because it was one of my favoriteView full post »

senior 2015 {kaylee}

Kaylee. Loveliness and spunk and joy. She reminds me of the excitement preceding Christmas morning.View full post »

senior {kaitlyn}

Kaitlyn. Ga-Ga-Gorgeous. Motivated. Caregiver. A hint of mystery.View full post »

senior {megan}

Megan. Beautiful. Encouraging. Unafraid. A whirlwind of excitement. Precious in His sight.View full post »

senior {annalisa}

Annalisa. Elegant.  Confident. Uncomplicated. A breath of fresh air.View full post »

exciting project {coming soon)

I just finished a new and wonderful project!  I really didn’t know how much I would thrive doing this type ofView full post »

senior {christian}

Was in his mama’s wedding. Met him at birth.  Watched him grow. Into a fantastic youngView full post »

senior {mackenzi}

Senior season usually happens in late Summer and early Spring.   Some want their summer tan for their images and othersView full post »

sneak peek {beautiful senior}

“Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe You don’t know Oh oh You don’t knowView full post »

sneak peek {fortitude}

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  ~e.e. cummings   Courage: is what makes someoneView full post »

sneak peek {from 2 to 18}

I have known her since she was 2. She was one of my very first photo sessions.  My model for a sunlit morning;  myView full post »

{my best friend’s guy}

I have known this young man since birth. In fact, I was in the room when he took his first breath. I am amazed of howView full post »