Boutique Editing

Private Editing Services


What & Why?

I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years.  I actually started when I was 8, but that was all pro-bono work 😉  I’m SUPER EXCITED to be a part of the photo editing community!  I want to serve this neighborhood and help YOU to get some of your day back.  Time is so valuable and it’s fleeting.  Fast.  My goal is to give you some of the clock back, so you can preserve your own family memories, grow your  business, or just simply breathe.

The benefit of working with a personal editor {me} instead of a large company is excellent communication and consistent images.  You will be working with me directly which makes for the best customer service relationship for you.  With initial detailed consultations, I will be able to mirror your style and deliver on a schedule that fits our collaboration.  I am very organized and great customer service makes me very happy!

I have experience editing weddings, portraits, as well as documentary and commercial projects.  If you’re ready for an easy partnership, contact me so we can chat:   misty.editor@gmail.com


How Much?

Lightroom Edits .35 per image | Photoshop Extensive Edits $2.50 per image

How Long?

Customizable to fit your needs;  typically 3-7 days

What Editing Programs Are Used?

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC

How Are Files Exchanged?

Dropbox.  I will provide a step-by-step PDF that walks you through the process






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